The Philosophy

We all share a desire to attain good health and establish healthy habits, but our journeys can be vastly different. For some, the journey is quick and easy, like driving on a straight, fast highway. For others, the road is long and winding, complete with speed bumps that slow us down. The logo represents both journeys along the same highway.

What matters is that we acknowledge and accept that our journey is specific to us. That we don't compare with others and most important of all, that we keep moving forward. Even if that is just keeping one foot in front of the other, rather than trying to sprint to the finish line. Good health is a lifelong journey, not a race.

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Domestic and family violence is a scourge in our society. Financial abuse and disadvantage is one of the largest barriers to women leaving violent and controlling relationships and staying free of these relationships.


I have decided to support South Australian based charity The Zahra Foundation, and contribute 5% from all bookings to support the vitally important work this foundation does for women and children affected by domestic and family violence.

Supporting causes

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I believe it's important to make ethically and socially conscious decisions wherever possible.

That's why I only use massage oil that:

Is not tested on animals

Is vegan friendly

Is ethically sourced and produced

Is ecologically friendly

Is made in Australia

About Me

Hi, I'm Narelle and I am a qualified Massage Therapist, Adelaide born and bred. After many years of working in a variety of industries, things became very clear. I realised that across many different industries, many workers suffer from disillusionment, dissatisfaction and declining interest. These manifest into workplace problems including declining productivity, conflict, increased absenteeism and poorer health.

I wondered what I could do to benefit workers and ultimately benefit business.

So I threw caution to the pandemic winds and founded Highway to Health. My mission is to offer health and wellness services, specifically tailored for the workplace;

benefiting staff : benefiting business.

Through workplace massage therapy, I provide high quality and high value services which integrate into the workplace with very little disruption. You can read more about it here.

An advocate for continual learning, it is my vision to build upon these services in the future so to keep up with service additions, subscribe to my newsletter. In the meantime, I have a First Aid Certificate with CPR and AED certification and am an Accredited Mental Health First Aider with Mental Health First Aid Australia.

I welcome you to read the FAQ page, however, if there are questions I have not answered,

I welcome you to reach out and contact me.

I look forward to working with you.



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