Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Customer Service Charter

I am committed to providing personally tailored service at the highest quality possible to you, my clients. I have developed this charter to outline my commitment to continually improve the quality and variety of service offer you.

I do everything for you with these core values at the very heart of my practice:

  • Integrity - I am honest and ethical in everything I do.

  • Commitment - I am passionate about providing high quality service.

  • Accountability - I am responsible for my actions.

  • Respect - I value and appreciate every individual.

  • Excellence - I value ongoing education and training.

You can expect to:

  • Receive massage services provided by a suitably qualified professional.

  • Be treated with courtesy and compassion including respect for your beliefs, customs and cultural ways.

  • Have your dignity and privacy maintained throughout your massage treatment.

  • Receive prompt, efficient and courteous customer service.

  • Receive realistic and transparent advice about the services I can provide and by when.

  • Receive a professional and sensitive response to questions and concerns about your massage treatment.

  • Be contacted to seek your feedback to ensure my service is meeting your needs.

  • Have your information treated confidentially and provide prompt access to your personal information if you request it (refer Privacy Policy).

You can get the most out of my services by:

  • Providing me with accurate personal and relevant current/historical health information about yourself.

  • Providing real-time feedback should you require immediate adjustment to your massage treatment.

  • Reciprocating the courtesy and respectful treatment of others including myself.

  • Being able to help me should I require assistance upon arrival at your location.

  • Contacting me if your contact information changes.

  • Providing notice if you cannot keep your appointment, as early as possible.

To contact me with a compliment, complaint, question or query you can:

  • Talk directly to me before or after your massage treatment.

  • Phone me on 0483 868 941

  • Email me at

  • Contact me through the Contact page on the Highway To Health website