Walking for Health

Woman walking for health

Having worked in a corporate office-based environment for the better part of a decade, one could correctly assume that my job was largely sedentary. I made it a part of my daily routine to go for a walk outside during my lunch break. I was fortunate enough to have ready and quick access to a sports field and utilised this at every opportunity when the weather was permitting. I found that the combination of movement, fresh air and sunshine worked wonders for my well-being. The movement kept my weight in check, the fresh air delivered oxygen to my muscles and the sunshine was a boost to my mood and mental health. Its really quite astonishing how much benefit can be gained from a simple walk!

You may have seen the new public health campaign recently launched by Wellbeing SA "A walk can work wonders". An absolutely brilliant campaign aimed at educating and motivating South Aussies on the benefits of walking, how to fit walking into your busy day and how to maintain motivation. I encourage you to view the campaign and education resources here.

Whether it's a big walk at lunch, or a trip round the office block every 2 hours, there are easy ways to fit more walking into your day.