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Massage Services

Workplace Massage

Look after your staff AND your business by enhancing employee health and well-being and fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture. Tackle low motivation, declining productivity and increased absenteeism by incorporating this versatile and cost-effective therapy into your health and well-being program.

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Event Massage

Are you hosting an event? Looking for that 'something different'? Imagine your guests getting their very own back, neck and shoulders massage on-call. Provided through the clothes and requiring very little space, seated massage is just the thing to keep your guests talking long after the event. Perfect for trade fairs, conferences, training days, birthdays and weddings.

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Relaxation Massage

Melt away the stress from your busy life in the comfort and security of your own home with a gentle Swedish massage. Using long, kneading strokes and gentle tapping of the muscles, Swedish massage can promote relaxation by increasing blood circulation, draining of lymph and releasing muscle tension.

Shoulder Massage

Sports Massage

Perfect for high performance athletes, generally active persons and weekend warriors alike, this style of massage uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques to increase blood circulation to muscles, flush out lactic acid and aid in maintaining soft and supple muscles ready for the next bout of activity or competition.