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Sports Massage

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Sports massage uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques to warm muscles and manipulate the muscle tissue.


The deep tissue techniques are designed to prevent and relieve injuries associated with exercise and are perfect for anyone who is physically active. Pressure can be adjusted according to your specific requirements and comfort level.

The targeting of specific muscles with deeper pressure encourages blood flow into the muscle which aids in healing. Lymph and lactic acid drainage out of the muscle aids in faster recovery.


A special aromatherapy oil blend has been selected to complement this massage to enhance the benefits for sore and tight muscles.

Avoid the stress of traffic, waiting rooms, and getting home afterwards.
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The following services are available:

Gone Knotty

A 30 minute deep tissue massage perfect for concentration on one problem area. Great for flushing lymph/lactic acid out of the legs after a run.



Knot Buster

A 45 minute deep tissue massage perfect for attending to 2 problem areas or spending more time concentrating on a particular area.




Goodbye Knots

A 60 minute deep tissue massage perfect for a whole body, rigorous treatment. Perfect for when there are little niggles all over.

*Pricing includes travel, towels or sheets, massage table, oils, music and a professional and highly trained massage.

30 min - $80*

60 min - $120*

45 min - $95*