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Website Conditions of Use.

This website.

Although Highway to Health maintains this website for the provision of information, advice and bookings,  Highway to Health is not responsible for any errors, lack of relevancy, accuracy, currency or completeness of information, blog posts or third-party links contained on this website.

Highway to Health makes no representation as to the availability of the site and the availability of websites links from or to this site.

The internet is not a secure medium and breaches do happen. Highway to Health does not hold liability for any  communications that may be intercepted or altered in transit. Highway to Health does not claim that the website is free from anything which may damage any computer or data on that computer as a result of accessing the website.

Highway to Health do not hold any liability to any person or organisation for loss or damage of any kind arising from or relating in any way to the usage of this website and information and third party links that are accessible on this website.

Third Party Sites

This website might contain links to third party websites including external blog posts, printable documents, webpages and video recordings. As these sites are not under my control, I am not responsible for the safety, security, content or condition you may find them in. They may also have their own terms and conditions and you are encouraged to action your own due diligence when accessing these sites. You access these sites at your own risk.

Collection of payments.


The security of my clients' financial transactions is extremely important to me and I am committed to protecting your financial information. This website complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). This website is also protected by ISO compliance and TLS certification. You can read more about these features here.

Your booking payments are processed through Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe is PCI DSS compliant to Level 1 standard - the highest certification standard possible and has a comprehensive suite of security features including AES card number encryption, separate hosting structures for storing, decryption and transmitting of card information and a bug detection program for ongoing surveillance of potential vulnerabilities. You can read more about it here.

To familiarise yourself with PCI Compliance, you can access a complete guide here.

Client Standards.

Understanding Informed Consent.

  • Ensure you understand your treatment or service prior to your appointment.

  • Your consent is voluntary and freely given.

    •  You confirm that you are:

      • not underage (under 18 years)

      • you are able to consent

      • you understand your planned treatment/service

      • you are not asleep or impaired in any way

  • Your consent can be revoked at any stage.

Understanding your treatment or service.

  • A treatment or service will be explained to you and you must give Informed Consent each and every time you receive a treatment or service

  • You have the right to ask questions if you do not understand your treatment or service

  • You may be asked questions of a health nature directly relevant to your treatment or service. You must answer truthfully

  • You can revoke your consent to the treatment or service at any time


  • My safety

       No tolerance will be given to:

  • Comments on appearance, gender, sexual orientation

  • Unrelated personal questions or jokes/banter

  • Inappropriate nudity or disrobing

  • If at any time I don't feel safe, I will ask you to retreat to a different room, pack up my equipment and leave

  • If I feel a direct threat to my safety, I will call 000

  • Your safety

  • No comments will ever be made about your appearance, gender or sexual orientation

  • No questions unrelated to your treatment/will be made nor will any inappropriate jokes or banter

  • You will never be asked to expose yourself if irrelevant to the treatment/service

  • Your modesty will be maintained at all times

  • Your genitalia will not ever be touched (ever)

  • If at any time you don't feel safe, you have the right to cease treatment/service

  • Other inappropriate behaviour

No tolerance will be given to:

  • Deliberate property damage to my equipment. Accidental damage may incur a cleaning or repair fee

  • Discrimination based on any of the following:

    • gender, age, gender identity, religion, disability, marital status, nationality, political orientation or sexual orientation

  • Actions or words that could be viewed as disrespectful, rude or threatening including aggressive, confronting and harrassing behaviours.

Further Reading

Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA) Code of Ethics, Standards and National Code of Conduct (2018) provides practitioners with guidelines of conduct expected from professional members of the association.