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Workplace Seated Massage

Let's talk about some workplace issues

5 common workplace problems


Low productivity

  • Staff lacking motivation are unlikely to be performing at their best, affecting productivity.


Workplace injuries

  • Repetitive strain injuries, headaches, stress, anxiety and soft tissue injuries are costly for work, health and safety budgets.


Loss of talent

  • A good salary is only as good as the next job offer. High turnover reflects badly for a business.



Negative culture

  • Staff feeling unappreciated are unlikely to contribute positively to the workplace.


  • Increased absenteeism is costly for business and contributes to decreased productivity.


When staff feel healthy and well, mood and motivation to work is enhanced, increasing overall productivity.

Workers who are provided with massage as part of health and wellbeing programs report less physical and mental injuries from the workplace.

The job market is competitive. Job seekers are looking for more than 'just a salary'. Be an in-demand employer.

Staff feeling wanted and valued will want to return the favour, and will actively contribute to positive culture.

When staff feel motivated and appreciated and are in control of their stress/anxiety, they are less likely to 'call in sick'.

So what is Workplace Seated Massage?

Workplace Seated Massage is a form of massage therapy performed in the workplace on a special chair. It is performed through the clothes and no creams or oils are used. The practitioner uses fingers and palms to gently manipulate and massage the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders, freeing up tight muscles and any areas of stress and tension. If the recipient elects, a relaxing scalp massage can be incorporated into the treatment.


The beauty of seated massage is that it requires very little space (1.5 x 1.5m) so can fit into almost anywhere. Workplace massage is commonly performed in offices, warehouses, tea rooms, schools and laboratories.

Seated Massage can also be utilised at events such as trade fairs, conferences, training days and staff functions. Plus it makes a memorable gift idea for birthdays and performance awards.


A 15 minute workplace massage ensures that there is ample time to attend to most, if not all areas of concern while not significantly disrupting the work day. Employees are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes that will allow easy movement on and off the chair.

Besides allocating a quiet space and assisting with parking, you will not need to provide anything else. I will provide all other equipment and consumables.

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